Growing a home services business is certainly not for the faint of heart. However, you can scale your home services business and increase your revenue by taking the right strategic approach. By deploying these tactics — and a few of your own — you can accelerate your home service business’ growth and better serve customers in your community. What are you waiting for? 

Emphasize Effective Communication 

Address communication gaps internally within your team and externally with your customers and vendors. Resources such as the Everything Disc program, Patrick Lencioni’s organizational health model, or the Leadership circle profile are great options for team building and emphasizing effective communications.  

Other strategies you can use include:  

Effectively communicating with employees plays a significant role when it comes to retaining top talent. Management strategies such as using coaching and team building are critical to keeping your people around. Putting key performance indicators in place to measure success, training managers to be go-to coaches for their direct reports and conducting ongoing coaching sessions with employees to review call results are all great tips to improve employee performance, retention, and cohesion.  

According to Patrick Lencioni, teams fail to thrive due to of five specific disfunctions. At every level of our company, we have found that working through these disfunctions has led to increased teamwork, camaraderie, and better results for our customers. 

More resources for coaching and teamwork: 

Facebook has an advertising audience of 2.14 billion people around the world, with the average user clicking on around 12 ads per month. With the right strategic approach, advertising on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can be incredibly beneficial for local field and home services businesses looking for ways to drive growth.  

Above all, be of service to your searches, connections, and followers. Listening to them, capturing their common questions, and specifically addressing them in your social media content will improve your results and boost engagement. More importantly, you will be seen as genuine and an expert in your industry, no matter if you are marketing in B2B or B2C.  


Market a Great Customer Experience

Customer experience is a true differentiator in the highly competitive home services industry.  

Potential customers are most likely to trust their family, friends and neighbors when evaluating a home services business than to simply take your word for it — especially with today’s savvy consumers checking multiple sources before making a purchase. 

In fact, 75% of surveyed home service business owners saidword of mouth is how they win most of their clients. 

If you want to go big in 2021 and do it without dumping a ton of money in advertising and marketing, stop marketing your company and start marketing your customer experience. It is one thing your competitors cannot rip off, and it is what your potential customers will most trust when deciding which company to choose. 

Resources for improving your customer experience:  

It is no secret that advancements in technology have completely changed how we do business in just about every industry, and field and home services is no exception. Businesses that are not making smart use of (the right) technology are at a significant disadvantage next to tech-savvy competitors equipped to work more efficiently and provide a better customer experience. 

Move your service business forward while focusing on solutions that allow you to structure technology functionality to fit your tried-and-true processes. Your field service business relies on software to streamline your daily operations, manage your technicians in the field and make informed decisions, so it is critical that you have a dependable solution that works with your unique processes. 

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