Check out these 5 invaluable professional traits that really impress during the interview process.


1.       Job Commitment-

Commitment Fit


While you may not work at one particular job for the rest of your life, we are looking for you to commit to us for long enough to have an impact on our company.  Tell us how you will make a contribution to the company and how can we not live without you as an employee.


2.       Play well with others-

 Job Fit

We want to see that you can get along with most people.  And, you get along with different personality styles but can you also positively influence others (who may not be having a good day) with a smile.


3.       Show what you are passionate about-

 Investments in you and your future

What are you really passionate about?  Do you like helping people?  Will you be happy in life if you do not truly love what you do?  Will you be able to transfer your passion to our company? 


 4.       Show that you have and can learn from mistakes-


Everyone makes mistakes because we are all human.  We want to see an applicant that has self-awareness about past mistakes and has the ability to learn from those mistakes.  Show us that you will be able to take constructive criticism and even help others from repeating your own mistakes.


 5.       It is not all about us interviewing you-

Online research

We want you to ask us questions as well.  Be proactive and research our company prior to your interview.  Bring a list of questions and make sure to ask them, it will show us that you are engaged.  If you are not trying us on for size in your interview, we may think that you are just looking for a job and not a career.


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