Non-Monetary Benefits

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that money is what brings in the best and the brightest. After all, developers tend to receive paychecks a bit beefier than other professionals with similar levels of experience and education. But at the end of the day, it is often the non-financial rewards that attract the top developers — and that’s almost always what keeps them on staff.

Attractive Dexcomm benefits
Here are a few non-monetary benefits that may be easy to implement in your organization that we have used successfully and really enjoy:

The Swap Shoppe
Dexcomm purchased five large bins and labeled them either men’s or women’s for tops and bottoms and one for accessories and were placed in a private corner of the office. Employees can only donate clothes to the Swap Shoppe that meet our dress policy and other employees may “shop” the bins and take home whatever they like.
Peace of Mind
Installing safety features such as security cameras, key-coded doors and lockers, as well as practicing safety drills are all appreciated initiatives.
Safety Sessions
We have also hosted first-aid classes , had our local fire department give a presentation on how to use a fire extinguisher, and our local police department gave a presentation on general personal safety.
Town Hall Meetings
We make it a practice to hold regular town halls that allow our employees an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas directly with the owner or another member of senior management. We hold the meeting over lunch so that it is a casual setting and everyone feels comfortable in the environment. It is important to be open about the fact that it is not possible for all ideas to be implemented, but it is an open forum for communication for every employee.


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