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Selecting Telephone Answering Service

Two companies quoting the exact same price and the same pricing structure may end up billing the customer vastly different amounts for the same time period and traffic usage. This is due to different telephone answering service (TAS) equipment tracking minutes or calls in different fashions or even different TAS offices with the same equipment using different methods to calculate minutes.

For example, one office with a very low per minute rate includes ring time and nonworking hold time in its time calculation.

Billing Cycles

Another issue is that some TAS companies bill on a 28 day cycle resulting in 13 invoices a year, while some bill monthly resulting in 12 invoices per year.


The most significant issue with the different methods from a TAS perspective is the training that is given to the operators.

With a flat rate, message count or service unit billing method it is to the TAS advantage to have the call end quickly. The incentive is to take a limited amount of information and terminate the call.

With time-billing the incentive is to be thorough with the information taken from the caller.

Clearly, either system can be taken to extremes by the individual TAS.


We understand that you have a much to consider when looking for someone to serve as an extension of your office. That's why we want you to have our time-saving guide.

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Find out how to really compare:

  • Billing Methods - and which ones will save you $$$
  • Services - and how they should work for you
  • Companies - and what to really look for

We have also included comparison spreadsheets to help you easily choose the right answering service for you.


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