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Power Outage Tips for Technology in Your Office

Many of us who own or work for small businesses don't always have the option of calling the IT Department every time there is a computer question or...

June 07, 2012 Read More

Mobile Policy as HIPAA Protection

HIPAA Protection

Given all of the  legislation and the large number of mobile devices on the market and in our businesses today, it has become difficult...

April 25, 2012 Read More
Technical Safeguard Tips

Technical Safeguard Tips

If the electronic PHI is stored and transmitted in encrypted form, then how you would handle the security breach drastically changes. Any data can be...

April 11, 2012 Read More
Administrative Safeguard Tips

Administrative Safeguard Tips

Start by taking an inventory of all of the devices within your practice that are used to access and/or store EPHI. We recommend including what the...

April 09, 2012 Read More
HIPAA violations at your fingertips

HIPAA violations at your fingertips

The amount of Protected Health Information (PHI) that could be on your employee’s phone is staggering. Access to the protected information can be as...

April 03, 2012 Read More
E-Prescribing: it can save you money
November 24, 2011 Read More

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