The interview process can be nerve-wracking from time to time. Even worse, when it’s a job that you really want, botching the interview becomes an even greater fear than it already is. Well, fear no longer, and pat yourself on the back for scoring an interview! Below, you’ll find details all about what to do before, during, and after an interview that are sure to guarantee you the position at your future job.


Before the Interview



Certainly, you’re familiar with the position for which you’re applying, but to a greater extent, you should also know plenty about the company altogether. What do they do? What type of environment do their employees work in? What are their values? Knowing these things will only make the interviewing process easier for you, as well as a bit less stressful. Write down all the questions that come to mind while researching the company so that you can inquire about them during the interview.

While doing your research, you should also make it a point to pay close attention to the attire that the company’s employees are dressed in. Some positions may require a polo and khakis, while others may call for slacks and a button-down shirt. By knowing what the employees for that company wear, it will be easier to know how to present yourself for the interview.



Whether the interview is held online or in-person, presenting yourself professionally is crucial to securing the job. You must bring the best version of yourself to a work environment to be seen not only as someone who really wants the job, but also as someone who is reliable enough to get the job done. Make sure:

  1. that your hair is styled in a neat fashion
  2. to wear an outfit that matches the formality of the position (Dress for success!)


During the Interview



First and foremost, it is important to listen attentively to the person interviewing you. This way, you’ll take in a lot of new information about the position and the company. Show that you’re engaged in what he/she is saying by taking notes during the interview and by making it a point not to interrupt. It’s also probable that you will either have some of your questions answered about the business or come up with new ones while listening to the interviewer.


Exhibit passion

When it comes to answering questions about yourself and the position, speak with passion! Express the things that you enjoy doing, as well as the things you’re good at, and how those skills can be brought to the table in your line of work. Moreover, make it a point to speak highly of yourself and your accomplishments. It’s more than okay to dote on yourself here and there during an interview; in fact, it’s a must!


Willingness to Learn

If there are certain skills required for the job that you lack, let them know that you are willing to learn. You could be a great communicator, but maybe you get a little confused when it comes to Excel spreadsheets. Maybe you’re a skilled electrician, but you have some trouble when it comes to scheduling your clients. There’s nothing like hands-on learning, and a good job should be willing to help you grow!



Asking questions throughout the interview shows that you’re both engaged in conversation and thinking critically about everything you’ve heard. It’s also important to clear up any questions you have that were left unanswered.

On another note, one thing you should never leave an interview without asking is: “When can I expect to hear back from you guys?” This way, you don’t leave without knowing when, or if, you should follow up with them.


After the Interview

Call to Follow Up

Whether you didn’t get the chance to ask when you’ll hear back from them, or if they simply let you know that they’ll be in touch, it’s a good rule of thumb to call and inquire about the position ten days after the interview. This signifies to your interviewer that you’re really interested in the job! Even better, you could always show up in-person to follow up with them. All in all, this step is about showing initiative and that you’re enthusiastic about the possibility of getting the position.


If you put all these techniques to work before, during, and after your interview, your chances of getting the job will skyrocket exponentially. Remember to:

  • Do your research
  • Dress professionally
  • Listen attentively
  • Exhibit passion
  • Express that you’re willing to learn
  • Be curious
  • Call to follow up

At the end of the day, prepare accordingly, and be yourself during the interview! If you’re actively looking for a job, consider one that values personal growth, compassion, and a sincere concern for others in the workplace.

Dexcomm wishes the best of luck to you in all your job-seeking endeavors!

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