As scary as it might seem, your medical practice may encounter a privacy violation. So, what do you do if you discover a HIPAA breach? Our Dexcomm Experts have put together four useful tips on what to do if you discover a HIPAA breach in your medical practice.

01 Gather Information

Ask who, what, when, where, how. Who was it disclosed to, how was it disclosed, when was it disclosed, etc.

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02 Make Contact

Relevant parties may include patients, employees, authorities, media and the Secretary of HHS

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03 Define Resolution

In cases where breaches happen, the medical office must communicate steps to prevent them from happening again. The HIPAA Security Rule also requires that you communicate this information to the relevant parties.


04 Documentation

Document each step you took to resolve the HIPAA breach.

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For more information on HIPAA threats and breaches click on the eBook eBook HIPAA Threats and Breachesor @sk the Expert!@sk the Expert - Steffy


By using these four tips, you are likely to get a handle on your medical practices's HIPAA violation, threat or breach. We hope that this information and eBook has proven helpful to you, your employees, and your practice.

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