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Award Winning Service

We are honored to have received an incredible six Top Ten awards during our last nine industry-based competitions. Our true goal, however, is to be better tomorrow than we are today. We continue to push our own limits with new technology, better education methods, new quality assurance tools, and a dynamic, sympathetic and concerned staff. We truly believe that if we continue to improve the experience for our customer, that will be the greatest reward that we can achieve.

The Dexcomm Experience

This true story occurred several years ago…

Driving down a lonely road at night, far from any sign of civilization, Mrs. Smith had a one-car accident, ending up pinned in her car in a ditch beside the road. Unable to escape from her car, unable to be seen from the road, with minor injuries, Mrs. Smith was near panic as she tried to reach assistance with her cellphone. Unfortunately, since she was in a remote area, cell phone service was weak. The only success she had reaching a live voice was when she called her husband’s office and reached Dexcomm. The efficient operator quickly contacted emergency assistance and Mr. Smith, then returned to the line and stayed in contact with Mrs. Smith until assistance arrived. The remarkable aspect of this story is that the operator who handled this call so admirably was only in her third week of employment with Dexcomm.

This story would not occur in exactly this way today, because we have greatly extended our initial training. Now, an employee cannot take a call until their seventh week. What has not changed, however, is the compassion and skill of our staff.

Customer Insights

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Taking Orders

One of our favorite customer experiences was many years ago, before the introduction of smartphones. Our customer was a coffee shop supply service, serving a six-square block area in Midtown Manhattan. The company had a truck but no office. We would take the order over the phone via an 800 number – for napkins, cups, sweetener, etc.- then send an e-mail to their PalmPilot. They would hustle around to the shop and drop off the delivery. Unfortunately, technology changed and we lost this customer. But we enjoyed the opportunity to serve this unique customer niche.

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Keeping Records

One large company employs us to answer their OSHA hotline. We record all calls and send the message and the recording to the person on call. We have an independent record in case there is ever a legal concern.

Emergency Calls

A social worker began service with us when her practice became too busy to serve with only her cell phone. She stated that she would not have any emergency calls, and we would just need to schedule appointments or take messages. In the first week, we received two emergency phone calls, causing her to wonder how many she had missed trusting her cell phone’s voicemail system.

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Call Forwarding

A commercial real estate brokerage does not want their clientele to ever be required to suffer through voicemail, even though many clients have their own cell phone numbers. So they forward their cell phones to us after three rings, before the voicemail can pick up. We take a message and immediately text them with the complete details of the call. They also appreciate not having to check their voicemail for messages!