Cost Efficient, Professional Answering Service Available to Answer Your Calls 365 Days a Year. 

A professional call answering company like Dexcomm can help your electrical service company increase efficiency & productivity, maximizing your profitability.
As an electrical service provider, most of your time is spent on the road. This means that it is not unusual for calls to be missed while you are working at various job sites. If you are one of the lucky ones, you have a full-time receptionist working during the week to take as many calls as possible. Even if this is the case, electrical emergencies can happen outside of the typical workday. This is why you need a quality answering service with a personal touch. Your customers deserve to be taken care of regardless of the time of day, so let us help.

Having a call answering service like Dexcomm, that's knowledgeable in the electrical service industry, answer your calls can free up a significant amount of employee time, allowing them to focus on what's most important.
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Client-Backed Results

“Since 1999, Butcher Air Conditioning has used Dexcomm for our after hours calls. We find they are caring and concerned. They go the extra mile to make sure the call is delivered promptly to the correct person the first time. We have been very pleased with their service.”

Mark Haydel
Butcher Air Conditioning

“My company has benefitted greatly from using Dexcomm as our answering service. Our customers are always happy to hear a kind voice answering the phone letting them know what they can expect. It helps my HVAC team to be committed to serving our customers, and I have peace of mind that people who call my company are handled in a professional manner.”

Madrel Pack
Owner, Pack HVAC services

Dexcomm Offers More than Standard Call Answering Services

We provide after hours & weekend phone answering, call center, and virtual receptionist services as well as specific solutions for the issues your electric company will face.

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24/7 Phone Answering

Electrical problems don't happen on a schedule. We're here 24/7 to support your clients and help you capture new ones.

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Call Sorting

When a call comes in our highly trained employees can identify the job type and dispatch the proper technician in a timely manner to make sure your customer is always satisfied.

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Appointment Management

We can integrate seamlessly with your CRM to schedule appointments to make sure you never miss a beat.

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Dispatch Contractors

Our highly trained employees can evaluate any emergency situation and contact the appropriate member of your team if necessary.


The Electrical Service Industry is a 24 hour, 365-day Operation and so is Dexcomm

The electrical service industry is a very busy industry, with many contractors having to take their own calls and worry about providing a quality and timely service at the same time. Having one less challenge to worry about, like fielding and answering calls, can be a huge boost to customer satisfaction and employee happiness.
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Why Choose Dexcomm to be Your Electrical Answering Service?

  • Working with Dexcomm is simple.
    Whether your electrical service specializes in residential, commercial, industrial, or a combination of all three, Dexcomm understands the needs of businesses in the electrical service industry when it comes to answering their calls. We have 65 years of real experience dealing with customers who are calling about a specific issue related to electrical services.

  • Electrical Industry Expertise
    We learn about your business's specific needs and work with you to create unique call answering scripts and protocols that our agents will follow when answering your phones. We've dealt with almost every scenario in the electrical industry you can think of, from widespread power outages to small residential lightning issues we know that every job matters and we are here to make sure you are there for all of them.

  • Trusted Partnership
    We do not consider ourselves as just another vendor to you and your business. We want to sit in our customer’s chair and be an extension of what you do and how you represent yourselves. We are your trusted partner and you, ours. Call Dexcomm at 800-252-5552 to enhance your availability 24/7.

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