Every person who comes through our door is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. We know that protecting health information is a number one priority when it comes to working as a service provider in the medical industry. Every agent receives HIPAA training before they are allowed to answer medical calls, and our entire staff undergoes HIPAA training annually.  


Registered Nurse-Trained Operators

Our three in-house registered nurses have over 60 years of combined nursing experience in many different settings and patient populations. This invaluable experience is passed down to our operators in our medical operating certification course.  The result is  better escalation and  care for your patients. This experience and education allows for accurate, timely, and quality messages so that your callers can get the help they need, when they need it. They are also taught to listen beyond the message. Is the caller short of breath? Frantic? Out of insulin on a Friday after office hours? We know that listening for key indicators like these can save lives. 
Easier On-Calls

You have the option to schedule your own on-call through our Web Portal or let our on-call specialist document it for you. We can also acquire and store detailed information about your escalation protocols to ensure that your on-call calls are handled in a timely and appropriate manner.  



We have experience answering a broad range of medical calls. Birth calls, doctor’s offices, hospital groups, home health, hospice, and funeral homes are just some of the calls we have answered. 


The Dexcomm Difference

Since 1954, Dexcomm is an experienced answering service you can trust to represent your business professionally. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to provide excellent service and treat your customers as our own. If you’re short staffed, lose phone service, or experience an unexpected spike in call volume, we will be available.

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Awards & Recognition


N.A.E.O. Superior Agent Service Award

We are a NexStar Gold Tier Strategic Partner

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