Have questions or concerns regarding doing business with Dexcomm or want a better look into what it is we do? Check out our resources page for more info.

We are here to help with resources and frequently asked questions relating to Dexcomm, our telephony services, and some additional training for everyone. We have industry-specific information, such as our medical forms or legal scripts for potential clients and all industries.

You will also discover common operator abbreviations and terms we use at Dexcomm and in the telephone answering service industry. This is beneficial for both existing and prospective customers because it will clarify misunderstandings or questions while working with us, and give you a better understanding of the messages you will receive.

We are HIPAA-certified and have forms and reference documents below for breaches, etc. We also have mobile device services and applications that are HIPAA compliant to meet industry needs.

From learning call forwarding from a desk phone, or mobile device to proper phone etiquette and listening skill training, we have the answers and guidance in our resource database to help you.