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Dexcomm telephone answering service customer service representatives answer on your behalf to act as an extension of your office. Our telephone answering services are 100% customizable and can be molded to fit the needs of your business. Call scripting is customized to your instructions, ensuring we gather only the information you request, in the manner that you expect. Messages can be sent to the appropriate personnel via email, text message, or fax, and our advanced software can be configured to upload data to your existing system or build reporting to give you insight about your calls. Account customization makes the differences between your office and our  overflow answering service indistinguishable.


Proven Processes For Telephone Answering Service

Dexcomm has developed a proven process to ensure that your partnership with us meets and exceeds your expectations. In fact, we are proud to have a customer tenure that’s over 10 years!

Our team has decades of experience and knowledge, not only in the answering service industry, but in many areas that impact the businesses of our clients – operational excellence, programming and development, quality assurance, nursing, training, and communication, just to name a few. This experience comes together in a team of individuals who can do much more for your company than answer phone calls. Your business is set on a path to becoming its best. Take a look at the process that we follow. Learn More


Experience You Can Rely On

When you use Dexcomm for your telephone answering service needs our top-of-the-line messaging platform gives us the flexibility to provide service to large organizations with multiple on-call departments and complex schedules, or to the small business owner wearing several hats who needs overflow answering service. We are part of several beta-testing teams with our vendors to ensure that we are innovative while providing solutions for your needs.


Tailored Solutions For Your Business

HVAC companies, law offices, medical officescosmetic practices, and anyone who needs a pleasant voice to represent their business will benefit from Dexcomm’s traditional answering services. In fact, we are more than just an answering service. Dexcomm becomes an extension of your business at a fraction of the cost. We are here to help you, as a partner, so that your callers receive care, compassion, and attention to their needs – all while upholding your company’s mission and your vision.

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Awards & Recognition

CAM-X 2022 Platinum Award of Excellence

N.A.E.O. Superior Agent Service Award

We are a NexStar Gold Tier Strategic Partner

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