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Compassionate and Dedicated Answering Service Call Center

At Dexcomm, our purpose is to bring a compassionate, professional concern to communications. We are able to do this with a strong dedication to our core values.


Our Values

Compassion, personal growth, and concern for others are fundamental company requirements. Each employee must possess these values in both their personal and professional life to be a good fit at Dexcomm.

  • COMPASSION – We listen to each caller, not just to hear, but to obtain a complete understanding of their need and respond directly to that need. Frequently, our callers are distressed. A compassionate operator is required to handle many delicate and difficult situations with empathy. We hire compassionate people who must demonstrate a genuinely concerned attitude.
  • PERSONAL GROWTH – We proactively seek out opportunities for continued growth and development each day for the benefit of the customer, the company, and our personal improvement.
  • CONCERN FOR OTHERS – While similar to compassion, concern for others is often forgotten by call operators. Not at Dexcomm! Here, we focus on the needs of the caller while remembering the requirements of our customers. We have all participated in a discussion with an operator who is simply filling in a form, obviously not caring or listening to you. We strive to be concerned, present, and listen carefully to understand and remain respectfully engaged with every caller.

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Awards & Recognition

CAM-X 2022 Platinum Award of Excellence

N.A.E.O. Superior Agent Service Award

We are a NexStar Gold Tier Strategic Partner

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November 8, 2023

Employee of the Month: Christina Woods

Each month, Dexcomm announces an Employee of the Month. This month Christina Woods was announced as Employee of the Month.

October 4, 2023

Employee of the Month: Mercedes Clay

Each month, Dexcomm announces an Employee of the Month. This month Mercedes "Sadie" Clay was announced as Employee of the Month.

September 27, 2023

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