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Learn about our humble beginnings, and our journey throughout the last 60+ years. 


Our Story
It's November 1954. Five ladies at switchboards are lined up in two rows. Back then, each customer was connected through a hardwired connection, basically a Y-leg splitter at the phone company. One leg of the line went to the customer’s office, the other leg went to Dexcomm. The phone would ring at each place at the same time.  And, at the answering service, a decision had to be made—should we answer it, or will they answer it in the office?  Frequently both parties answered at the same time, creating confusion for the caller no matter how carefully the operator exited the line!
During the day when the receptionists were on a break or another line, the Dexcomm operator would take a message and call each customer back at a later time to deliver the messages-since all messages were delivered verbally in those days. Paper, pen, and promptness were the mighty tools then. 
One operator, Miss Dolores, claims that she “raised the children” of one of our clients. Sitting at board number one, she answered the company phone lines day after day. She also answered the company owner’s home line. When the children would get home from school, they would not call their parents, they would call Miss Dolores to let her know they were safe. When they were older and had car trouble, they called Miss Dolores. If they ever got into trouble, they would hasten to call Miss Dolores for help. She was in touch with the client for many years, and was adopted as part of their family.
Throughout the years, as we all know, technology changed. As it progressed from tone and voice to digital and alpha pagers– the distance between customers and their callers was growing. Soon, messages were delivered via voicemail, fax, and then email and text. Call forwarding now delivers phone traffic, and we no longer need to play the game of deciding who should answer the call. As technology continues to progress, we now receive contacts from “callers” via text, webchat, and email, in addition to telephones. We have also grown our geographical service area, and we currently serve customers in over 40 states.
Even though we have gone through many procedural changes, the example of Dolores remains with us. To this day, we continue to strive to become considered a valued "family" member of  our customers; this is what makes Dexcomm unique. Despite the steady drumbeat of technological change, one thing has remained consistent—our focus on excellent, personal service for our customers. It is what drives us every day to keep that personal touch alive that was practiced by Miss Dolores, in spite of the distance forced upon us by the advancement of technology.

Awards & Recognition

CAM-X 2022 Platinum Award of Excellence

N.A.E.O. Superior Agent Service Award

We are a NexStar Gold Tier Strategic Partner

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