Why Dexcomm?

When selecting an answering service, you have lots of questions - What is it like to work with them? Who will I be trusting my business to? Will they fit within my business' core values? Get to know us and what it is like to work with us.

Why Dexcomm

Many of our best clients choose to partner with us when selecting an answering service because of the way we represent them on the phone, yes, but our partnership is deeper than that. It’s part of who we are. Our culture and commitment to the long-term success of our customers, callers, and co-workers is what drives us to always look for new and innovative ways to serve you. We are motivated to treat every caller as if they are the most important person in the world because when we are connected to them, they are. Learn more about Dexcomm and what makes us the choice when you are selecting an answering service partner anywhere in the U.S and Canada.


Selecting An Answering Service – What Makes a Great Partner 

“What makes a great partner?” is something that we are always finding better ways to answer. Qualities like character, great listening skills, motivation to do a great job, and passion for what we do are wonderful starts.

Add to that our commitment to represent your business the way you desire, our people, core values, and a legacy of excellence, and you have a winning formula for a successful business and a successful business partner.

Our commitment to making your business its best one call at a time and when our clients share with us how we’ve made a positive difference for their business drive us. Offering the best telephone answering services and call center services available is what we’re all about.

A Proven Process for Your Success

Dexcomm has developed a proven process to ensure that your partnership with us meets and exceeds your expectations. In fact, we are proud to have a customer tenure that’s over 10 years!

Our team has decades of experience and knowledge, not only in the answering service industry, but in many areas that impact the businesses of our clients – operational excellence, programming and development, quality assurance, nursing, training, and communication, just to name a few. This experience comes together in a team of individuals who can do much more for your company than answer phone calls. Your business is set on a path to becoming its best.

Take a look at the process that we follow.

1. Getting to Know You

  • We will listen as a partner and consultant to understand your answering service needs
  • Understand your goals and expectations
  • Confirm we are an excellent partner for your business

2. Onboarding Meeting

  • Gathering information needed to handle your calls
  • Meet your dedicated account manager and others who will support your account
  • Confirm how you would like calls handled
  • Recommend best practices of what is working well for others in your industry

3. Account Programming

  • Custom programming of your account by the best in the industry
  • Testing of programming by our quality assurance team
  • Final meeting with your team, your account manager, our sales executive, and Client Care Supervisor

4. Training

  • Your needs and expectations are communicated to our Team Leaders, Floor Leaders, and the rest of the team
  • Dexcomm’s Registered Nurses, Supervisors for Client Care and Operations, and Curriculum Coordinator train our team
  • The team completes training and is ready for your calls

5. Go Live

  • Check-ins when you will begin service, and then as frequently as you need – we recommend monthly or quarterly
  • Our Client Care, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Billing teams monitor and follow up to ensure we are meeting your expectations
  • We will access your usage to make sure you’re on the right plan.

We Help You Reach Your Growth Goals

We’re here to help you reach your business goals by making your communication more efficient.

As a partnership-focused answering service, you can be assured that we’re accountable to you and your success and that we are looking out for your long-term success.

Ready to learn more? Getting started is easy!

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