Reliable, Knowledgeable Answering Service for Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetic Practices 

A professional call answering company like Dexcomm can help your plastic surgery practice handle larger call volume and schedule more appointments, achieving increased growth and revenue.
Many smaller and just starting plastic surgery practices can handle the initial call volume of a new practice. As your practice grows though, you are faced with a great problem to have: increased call volume.
Scheduling appointments, increased need for phone consultation or calls after surgery can tie up phone lines and employees leading to stagnant growth for your practice. Having a call answering service like Dexcomm that's knowledgeable about your company, what you offer and treats customers with the same compassion as you can free up a significant amount of employee time, allowing them to focus on what's most important.
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Client-Backed Results

We’ve been with Dexcomm since we opened. Dexcomm has consistently taken care of our patients in the manner that we want them taken care of. Dexcomm also continues to keep up with the ever changing environment and offers so many ways to make things easier for us to do business and handle our patients’ after hours requests. Thank you Dexcomm!

Stefanie Ardoin
Acadian ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery

“Calls received from patients by Dexcomm are handled so professionally that the patients believe they have really reached our office.  One of my professional colleagues was so impressed with Dexcomm, after only one call to my office, he switched his service to Dexcomm immediately.”

Mark Coreil, DDS
Le Centre Orthodontic Arts

Dexcomm Offers More than Standard Call Answering Services

We provide after hours & weekend phone answering, call center, and virtual receptionist services as well as specific solutions for the issues your practice will face.

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Appointment Scheduling

This is the lifeblood of any profitable practice, turning hesitant callers into loyal patients. Leaving this up to a random office employee or non-sales focused receptionist can be detrimental to your practice. Remember, your phone agent sets the tone of the entire relationship.

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After Hours Call Answering

After surgery or any type of procedure, your clients may have questions or need support. Clients don't want to get an answering machine - they want to talk to a person. Letting your after-hours calls go to voicemail projects an unprofessional image and shows that your practice is unresponsive. Solve that with Dexcomm.


Virtual Receptionist

Smart managers of successful medical practices save money where they can. Save costs by utilizing our virtual receptionist services with live agents with experience in the medical field, including HIPAA training.

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HIPAA Compliance

All Dexcomm employees complete the necessary training and education to provide full HIPAA compliance to our medical clients. Protecting health information is a top priority, which is why we store and transmit your data with high-level encryption.

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Compassionate, reliable, HIPAA-compliant answering services that can help your cosmetic practice achieve rapid growth

The cosmetic and plastic surgery industry is so complex, businesses face huge challenges everyday. Having one less challenge to worry about, like fielding and answering calls can be a huge boost to your business.
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Why Choose Dexcomm to be Your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery Answering Service?

  • Working with Dexcomm is simple.
    Partnering with Dexcomm for your call answering services can not only save your practice money but can help you achieve real growth as well. Patient-centric practices grow and thrive because they build healthy relationships with their customers and are responsive to their needs.

  • Cosmetic Industry Expertise
    We learn about your business specific needs and work with you to create unique call answering scripts and protocols that our agents will follow when answering your phones. We've dealt with almost every scenario in the medical field you can think of: emergencies, patient questions, scheduling and more.

  • Trusted Partnership
    We do not consider ourselves as just another vendor to you and your business. We want to sit in our customer’s chair and be an extension of what you do and how you represent yourselves. We are your trusted partner and you, ours.

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