Janine Hopper, RN, BSN, CRNFA,CNOR
Medical Operator Program Leader

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People interested in your practice can take so many different paths to becoming patients, which means that you will need to manage multiple touch points to effectively grow your practice.

Increase Your ROI

You need a premium contact center that understands the cosmetic and aesthetic industry and delivers the first impression you need to turn contacts into revenue for your practice

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Dexcomm has matched this expectation with Registered Nurse trained customer service representatives. We represent your practice across any communication method to drive growth for your practice.

Flawless Communication

Flawless communication is a seamless continuation of the experience your patients receive during every contact with your practice. From marketing to scheduling, office-hours or after-hours communications- your answering service should deliver a premium experience that reflects the quality your practice delivers every day during each call. 

Operate With Excellence

Excellent communication is necessary for any cosmetic practice to be operationally sound. Premium answering and contact services reduce inefficiency and close gaps in communication that would otherwise remain undetected and result in unhappy patients and lower your lifetime revenue per patient.

Proactive Partnership

Some cosmetic practices have the mistaken idea that communication solutions are only necessary when they are at the point of being overwhelmed. We know that opportunities exist for your practice to leverage a communications partner proactively. This way, any cosmetic or aesthetics practice that has a desire to become more efficient, deliver excellent service, and drive growth and profitability can do so sooner and at an ROI that makes sense.

What you can expect
from Dexcomm

There is no single best communications channel for every cosmetic or aesthetics practice. As a full service contact center, we have experience across the full range of communication channels to be able to deliver a customized solution for every client we partner with. Our HIPAA-trained agents are intensely educated to understand cosmetics, plastics and aesthetics to provide you with peace of mind knowing your practice is being represented exceptionally.


What Our Clients Are Saying

“We’ve been with Dexcomm since we opened. Dexcomm has consistently taken care of our patients in the manner that we want them taken care of. Dexcomm also continues to keep up with the ever changing environment and offers so many ways to make things easier for us to do business and handle our patients’ after hours requests. Thank you Dexcomm!”

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