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Customer Service Representative (Full-Time & Part-Time)

Employee Benefits

Each position at Dexcomm is more than just a job; it's a career! We want our employees to feel the same way, which is why we prioritize having the best benefits in the industry.

• Health Insurance
• Health Savings Account
• Supplemental Insurance
• Employee Assistance Program
• Vacation Pay
• Birthday Pay
• Paid Time Off

• 401K Retirement
• Career Advancement
• Paid Training
• Mentoring Programs
• Employee Library
• Employee Book Club
• Stocked Break Area

Company Culture

Dexcomm exists to provide compassionate, professional concern to our callers, customers, and coworkers. This statement is at the core of our work ethic and guides our business decisions. This is how and why we live and the reason our operators come to work during a hurricane, an ice storm, or any situation that would keep less committed employees at home. It is why our team works long shifts, weekends, and holidays.

We do not come to work simply because we need a paycheck. We come to work to be of service to people who require something that we are uniquely qualified to provide. We make ourselves available because we feel compassion for people that require assistance; it is our uncompromising goal to ensure they get the help they desperately need.

We’re proud to foster a work environment and company culture that allows our employees to help others and build strong bonds with each other.

company culture

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is extensive in order to fully ascertain whether an applicant possesses the skills to perform the job and will be a good fit within the culture of our organization. Typing is a very important part of our everyday work. We require a typing speed of 50 wpm with 95% accuracy for our CSR positions. Applicants take multiple tests for speed and accuracy. Our customers value our ability to provide accurate and timely messages. Click here to take a typing test.

In addition to typing skills, it is critical that our employees use excellent grammar and spelling when interacting with our callers and customers. We give multiple assessments for spelling, grammar, and number skills. Since we strongly believe that “fit” is an important part of a new employees’ success, we spend a lot of time with qualified applicants. During your first visit to our office, you will have an initial interview with a member of our human resources team. You will later have several more opportunities to interact with members of our team. For example, we conduct group interviews, shadowing sessions, and individual interviews with our management team.

Training for Success

First Weeks
New hires attend three weeks of intensive training that is overseen by our in-house curriculum coordinator and expert training team:

Week 1 - The first week covers telephony system knowledge, policies, and procedures.

Week 2 - Week two focuses on potential on-call scenarios.

Week 3 - In the final week of the new employees training role play simulations are practiced until the trainee is deemed ready to move to live calls. (Initial live calls are taken under the guidance of a professional trainer.)

Developing a Career
Once an employee has completed their initial three weeks of training, they are assigned a mentor to shadow and work with while answering live calls. This step-by-step guidance ensures that the calls are being handled properly and that the new employee grows in confidence, which is critical to their success in call handling.

The learning process at Dexcomm doesn't stop there. Ongoing training keeps employees current on changes on client accounts, best practices, and technology upgrades. In addition, every employee participates in coaching sessions with a senior team member for both professional and personal development. This emphasis on work-life balance keeps our employees growing and learning for a lifetime throughout their career at Dexcomm.