The Internet is a great resource for finding answers to any electrical questions you may have, whether it be about business, safety, or even new technology. Sometimes, however, searching for those answers can feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. How do you narrow down your search in a sea of blue links? How do you find someone who has experienced the same problem that you’re having? Enter Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great way to connect with people in the same corner of the electrical world as you, dealing with the same sort of things you do daily.

In this post, you'll find the best Facebook groups that each electrician should be a part of in 2022, as well as some tips and tricks on how to use Facebook groups to your advantage.




Best Facebook Groups for Electricians

1. The Electricians Marketplace

2. Toolbox Trades for the Community

3. Looking for an Electrician

4. I am an Electrician

5. CSRs and Dispatchers of ServiceTitan Mastermind




The Electricians Marketplace

In this group, you’ll find all sorts of electrical equipment that is either in demand or for sale by electricians all over the U.S. Whether you want to make some extra cash by getting rid of some old tools or find the items you need at a discounted price, this Facebook group has you covered.

As always, however, use caution when interacting with people on the Internet! Be kind and respectful but take the time to verify their identity before sending over any of your money. On the other hand, wait for payment before shipping off any of your items.




Toolbox for the Trades Community

Toolbox for the Trades Community is a group created by ServiceTitan that incorporates posts from all over the US and Canada. In this group, “home and commercial service professionals can connect with one another, discuss industry issues, trends, and practices, and even read exclusive content from some of the biggest professionals in the business.” Though it is not exclusive to electricians, you will see informative, unique posts from like-minded individuals working in the trades, including HVAC technicians, plumbers, exterminators, and others.

 This group is private, but don’t let that stop you from joining! Simply fill out their form, and you should be accepted as a member within the next day or two, so long as you agree to their terms and rules of the group.




Looking for an Electrician

Members of this group post if they need an electrician to service their home or if they need an electrician to join their staff. This group, however, is not specific to any one area, so finding someone to join your team or seriously building your clientele from this group may be a bit of a challenge.

Despite, this is a great Facebook group to monitor for potential opportunities, and more than that, to market your business! Post pictures of your electric work here and where your business is located!




I am an Electrician

From memes to informative tips and tricks, this is the Facebook group for electricians to come together and exchange photos of their work, knowledge about the trade, and ideas for different jobs. Nearing five hundred thousand members, you will see a variety of posts from all over the world, and as a result, learn about a variety of solutions you may have never thought of before.




CSRs and Dispatchers of ServiceTitan Mastermind

If you use ServiceTitan to book and dispatch jobs in your office, this is the Facebook group for you! Here, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC workers gather to share their frustrations and solutions with working in ServiceTItan.

Similar to Toolbox for the Trades Community, however, this Facebook group is private, so you will have to request to be a member before you can see what’s happening in the group.




Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Electric Business

Outlined above are some of the best groups to join as an electrician as far as staying on top of trends and learning new things goes. However, if you're looking to use Facebook groups to grow your electric business, it is necessary to start a group for your business and streamline your searches for various groups.




Start a Facebook Group for your Company 

Starting a group for your electric business is a good way to more exclusively involve your team and customers in your business's online presence. Encourage customers to share their experiences in this group, and you can even post about community events, competitions, and discounts here, too. Those who willingly join a Facebook group for your business will certainly be some of your business's biggest promoters!

Another good thing about starting a group, in addition to your business Facebook page, is that Facebook is more likely to promote posts from a group than from your page. This is due to the fact that more organic conversations take place in groups, which is better for reach.  

In starting a Facebook group for your business, you have a choice, however, of whether you make it public or private. On the one hand, it would be best to make it private so that you can avoid spammers and people who have never experienced your business whatsoever. On the other hand, public is the way to go if you're using it to expand reach on people's Facebook feeds. 




Streamline Your Search for Facebook Groups

Streamlining your search for Facebook groups can make a real difference in what you get out of them. For example, you could search for "Electricians of Chicago, Illinois," or "Commercial Electricians," to get more specified results from your search. This way, you can be more active in a community that is more aligned with your needs, and as a result, grow your business more. 

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