"The training process here at Dexcomm is a very extensive program which benefits the trainees in a way that we can evaluate ourselves and make sure that we are exceeding and doing the best that we can do to succeed in what they are preparing us to be able to do. " 
Tramaine, Dexcomm CSR Trainee
Tramaine Sam

First Weeks

New hires attend three weeks of intensive training that is overseen by our in-house curriculum coordinator and expert training team:

Week 1 - The first week covers telephony system knowledge, policies, and procedures.

Week 2 - Week two focuses on potential on-call scenarios.

Week 3 - In the final week of the new employees training role play simulations are practiced until the trainee is deemed ready to move to live calls.  (Initial live calls are taken under the guidance of a professional trainer.)


Developing For A Career

Once an employee has completed their initial three weeks of training, they are assigned a mentor to shadow and work with while answering live calls. This step-by-step guidance ensures that the calls are being handled properly and that the new employee grows in confidence, which is critical to their success in call handling.

The learning process at Dexcomm doesn't stop there. Ongoing training keeps employees current on changes on client accounts, best practices, and technology upgrades. 

In addition, every employee participates in coaching sessions with a senior team member for both professional and personal development. This emphasis on work-life balance keeps our employees growing and learning for a lifetime throughout their career at Dexcomm.


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