Not all answering service are created equal. Find out more below about the operational differences between a premium answering service, like Dexcomm, and commodity answering services.

  • How quickly can we begin using Dexcomm’s services?

    In order to reduce mistakes on the front end, it will take some time getting to know you in order to create the perfect account set up for your company. This may take anywhere from two business days to a month. Not to worry, it is not a challenging process – more along the lines of an in-depth Q and A. Length of time required is dependent upon the services and amount of personalization that you require from us

  • Does Dexcomm have a contract for services?

    Dexcomm has a month-to-month Customer Agreement, therefore no long-term commitments are required.

  • How does billing work at Dexcomm?

    A big trend in our industry is to bill you every 28 days (13 invoices per year). We send out monthly invoices on the first of each month. We believe that this is more convenient for our customers— you will always know exactly when you will receive your invoice each month. Invoices include the monthly base rate for the current month and any overages from the previous month.

  • How do I forward my lines to Dexcomm?

    Each phone company (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) provides their customers with an access code to implement call forwarding. Your phone company can provide this code to you along with any instructions. The two most common codes to initiate the call forwarding process are *72 or 72#.

    When the proper code is entered, you will be prompted to put in your forwarding number with a prompt or another dial tone. It is always wise to call your office line from your cellphone or some other outside line to verify that the proper connection is established with Dexcomm.


    Another possibility is that your in-house phone system has built-in codes for the various call forwarding features. You will have to contact your equipment vendor or refer to your owner’s manual to learn more about this.

  • How do I send Dexcomm our on call schedules and account updates?

    It’s easy! Please send via email to service@dexcomm.com, or via fax to (337) 232-3261.

  • Are the same agents answering my calls?

    Our agents are specially trained with multiple levels of in-house certification classes that have up to 50 hours of classroom work, role playing, and hands-on experience. Your account is handled by our staff that have been specifically trained for your service level.

  • I use my mobile phone to answer my phone lines. Can I forward to Dexcomm and receive text messages.

    Yes, you can certainly forward your mobile line. Please understand that you will not be able to receive incoming calls because they will be answered at the forwarded number. You can make outbound calls, receive texts, and any other functions you use on your mobile phone.

  • What's your service area?

    We can service companies located anywhere in the United States!