With Hurricane Season well on its way, it’s important to have a Disaster Kit prepared for your home or office. 

We've put together a list of a few unusual items to meet your basic needs in any disaster that may strike:

Parachute Cords:  Made of multiple strands and designed not to snap, these can be used for building temporary structures and tying things down. They can even be used for sewing repairs.

Bleach:  Can be used as a disinfectant and to purify water in worst-case scenarios. Never use more than 8 drops a gallon (or 2 drops/L), which could be dangerous. Find a better water source instead of adding more bleach, if the result is not satisfactory. Treated water should still smell a bit of bleach, but that’s OK.

Dust masks:  Handy for protecting respiratory areas of the body in cases with high particles in the air or protecting from any other respiratory concerns.

Amaranth Seeds:  Seeds can be eaten boiled, ground and used as flour, or popped like popcorn.  They can also be pressed to make oil. Planted, it produces yields similar to maize and rice.  Another good item to have for food is popcorn, which stores great and is easy to prepare. (Source)

Sunscreen (SPF):  Great for outdoor damage control after a disaster. Major sunburns are not something we often think about as a result of a disaster. But with skin cancer on the rise, protecting yourself and your employees during cleanup is a must.

Solar Blankets Highly reflective and can be used to signal for help. They can also be used as a tarp in some situations.

Gas and water shut off tool:  Can be used to shut off gas and water valves, break windows, dig through debris and pry open doors.

Whistle:  Can be used to communicate among a group, as well as call for help.

With any disaster kit, it’s important to tailor for your surroundings as well as for special needs, such as certain medications.  A little preparation can go a long way during any emergency!


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