Backup Data In 3...2...1

Don't Skimp on Your Data Backup Solutions!

When it comes to technology in your office, performing routine backup is vital in protecting your data.  Losing your data can be costly, but also jeopardize your business.  To ensure your patient information is there when you need it, follow this 3, 2, 1 strategy to backing up your data.

Backing Up Your Patient Data

3. Have three copies of your data (one primary/production copy; two backup copies). Primary data can remain on your computer (production) system for daily use.

2. Store your backups on at least two different types of media such as hard drives, tape, solid state drives, dvd, cd, etc…

Tip: is a great software source for automating your backup strategy.

1. Store at least one copy of your data offsite. Using cloud services like Dropbox or Mozy is a great online and offsite solution.  A less modern alternative is using a safety deposit box.

Key Points

We hope that these simple solutions will help you protect your data and business.  Remember to update your backup copies on a regular basis to keep the information current. Maintaining a routine backup of your data will protec tyour patient information, your business.



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