Evaluating your caller's customer service experience is important for maintaining positive patient or customer service. Think about times when you've called similar businesses. How do your experiences relate to the experience a patient or customer receives at your office? Running a medical practice or any another business doesn't always leave time for managing the customer service side of your company. That's why our Experts are here to help!


Begin by reviewing your call traffic

  • How many calls do you answer each day?
  • When do phone calls come in?
  • Do you experience an increase in your call volume on different days or during certain parts of the day?
  • What type of calls do you get?


After that, analyze your business's availability

  • Are your callers getting a busy signal because of how many calls are coming in?
  • How do your callers reach you for an emergency?
  • How do your callers reach you after hours?


Next, review your general call handling

  • How long do callers wait on hold?
  • Do you have hold music or dead air?
  • How easy is it to reach to the person the caller needs to speak with?


Then, assess your staff's interactions with the caller

  • Is your staff really listening to the caller's needs?
  • How motivated are they to provide great customer service?
  • How engaged is your staff with the callers?


To achieve the level of quality that your office expects, we recommend utilizing a standardized grading form to assist with coaching and developing. Click here to access a quality evaluation form from Dexcomm. We hope these tips help you and your organization. If you have any questions on solving any of these issues, click here to @sk our team of Experts!


Also check out these helpful eBooks in Dexcomm's library of resources!




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