Some of the most successful and famous people in the world have become what they are and who they are because of their innate ability to tap into their imagination. Fostering creativity in the workplace is what makes organizations and employees become great. For example, names you may recognize like Bob Dylan, recognized for his innate ability to turn poetry into song, or Albert Einstein who brought scientific genius to a whole new level, became successful because of their ability to tap into their own creative genius.

So how does this relate to daily business operations?

Well, most successful businesses are successful because someone down the line had a dream, a vision and brought it into fruition. Companies with successful longevity are here because they had the ability to evolve through adaptation and flexibility. Success is the result of creativity.

It is no secret that we are all more creative and innovative when we are relaxed and happy and forward thinking organizations are using this to benefit their future and bottom line. Employees who are chained to their desk working away at a solution are more likely to waste time due to frustration. Innovation frequently comes when we least expect it. Taking a break to clear your head like going for a walk or playing put-put in the office may seem like a waste of time but necessary to relax and allow you to become more creative.


Here at Dexcomm, we thrive on creativity.


We have compiled some easy ways organizations can capitalize on creativity:

  • Alternate Work Spaces - Consider allowing employees to use commons areas, coffee shops and/or outdoor spaces as a means of performing work. Our best ideas are usually those that happen while getting away from the grind. Allow employees the space to collaborate and flow by measuring performance and effectiveness rather than the amount of time an employee spends behind a desk.
  • Encourage Fun - Fun at work is proving to be an essential component in productivity, motivation, engagement and various other drivers to getting them most of your human capital. Click here to check out our Dexcomm link to How to Have Fun at Work blog post.
  • Incentives and Rewards - Recognition and rewards programs in the workplace are a great way to drive goals and reward top talent. In the past, performance was rewarded with more work…yuck!! Who wants to perform well only to receive more work?! Instead, consider rewarding with an extra day off or a gift card for a massage. Be creative…how can you reward in small ways?
  • Allow Empowerment and Authority - Allowing authority over a specific project or task creates a sense of ownership. We know that when one assumes ownership and authority, what comes with it is responsibility, accountability and empowerment…building creativity. Why not let go a little and instead let your employees be the drivers over projects and tasks they are capable of handling. Click here to read more on these easy tips.


Be the change in your organization. Experiment by asking your employees about ways that would help foster creativity for them or within the team. Use their feedback to extend creativity beyond your team and throughout your organization. Use statistics and research to communicate benefits to decision makers so that they embrace change and support the flow. To learn more about Dexcomm and our culture, click here to visit us at


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