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How to Engage Callers

August 02, 2012

 6 Steps to Engage Callers

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Most of us take phone calls on a daily basis.  Depending on the opposite party, our etiquette can range from very casual to formal.  But, during office hours we are representing our organization, and it important to be positive and engage callers.  Following the few steps below will ensure a satisfied customer and a successful call.



1.       Prepare. 

Always be prepared before you answer the phone.  If your company has a script to follow, memorize it and have a copy in front of you.  Ensure that your desk is clutter-free and that your phone is easily accessible.  Have a pen and pad readily available in case you need to take a message for someone else or follow-up is involved. Being prepared will help you relax, and let your caller know that you care and are present.


2.       Identify. 

Always identify yourself early in the conversation.   Depending on your company script, you might want to state your name when you answer the call.  Ex.)  "Thank you for calling ABC Corp.  This is John.  How may I help you?”  Your introduction is your first interaction with the caller, so avoid sounding scripted.  Smiling while you speak will help you sound positive and helpful.


3.       Focus. 

Listen carefully to what the caller is telling you.  It is easy to be distracted and let your mind wander or even do other things like clean up your desk or eat.  But the time with the caller should be all about them, and solving their issue is your number one priority.  This applies to angry callers.  Remain calm and listen.  Arguing with them will not help them. 


4.       Repeat. 

To ensure that you are truly hearing what the caller is saying, repeat their issues.  If there is any confusion in communication, it will give the caller an opportunity to restate their needs.  They might not be sure why they are calling until they hear you say it out loud.


5.       Help. 

Ensure that you help the caller in some way.  Even if you can’t help them with the exact issue they are calling about, provide direction like the name and number of a person who can help them.


6.       Thank. 

Once you've confirm that you've assisted the caller to the best of your ability, show your gratitude for their call.  Let them know that you appreciate them as a customer, and encourage them to call again with any further issues.



Taking business calls can be more challenging than it sounds. You must give your full attention to the caller while remaining calm and positive.  Each call is different, but with a little preparation and focus, you can ensure an engaged and satisfied customer.

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