Worried about protecting HIPAA devices in your workplace?

Just like anything you want to protect, keep it/them in a safe location. Around your office make sure that all devices are locked in a drawer or in an office when not in use and never leave your devices unattended. 

When outside of your office make sure the device is either always with the person responsible for it or in a secure location such as a glove box or car trunk. It only takes a second for someone to grab such a small item and cause irreversible damage.

Remember if the item is lost or stolen, report it immediately! Don’t forget other items like USB flash drives, memory/smart cards, CDs, DVDs, PDAs, remote access devices and security hardware. All of these items can contain information that your practice must keep secure and safe.

Check our other blogs that cover HIPAA related issues for medical offices and practices such as yours. 

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