Pantheon 2020: Live Coverage
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This year's Pantheon event was full of helpful information and new product announcements. In this blog we will cover a few of the new announcements that will be most impactful to our customers!

Google Local Service Ads

One major announcement from the Pantheon was that ServiceTitan will have an integration with Google Local Service Ads (LSA).

Google Local Service Ads' instant booking integration with ServiceTitan lets users book an appointment right from Google without having to call or go to the contractor's website. This creates a better customer experience as customer's prefer a one stop shopping experience. 

With this integration, customers can see a contractor's reviews, compare with other providers, and book an appointment. Along with this integration, the Google Guarantee was also announced. The Google Guarantee will appear at the top of your customer's page and
 gives users the comfort of knowing that Google stands behind the contractor for up to $2,000.
How It Works: 

As soon as Google realizes that the user is looking for a contractor, it optimizes the user experience. The google guarntee is present at the top of the user's screen, and all reviews are shown next to each contractor's name. 

But, with ServiceTitan's integration with Google LSA, contractors now can stand out from the crowd. Next to the usual Call Now button, there will be a Book Now button. 

When user's click this button, they will be able to choose their service, schedule a date and time using the real time availabitily of your ServiceTitan calendar, and then verify all their contact information. Because this form is created by Google, a majority of the user's information will already be filled in, saving your customer even more time. 

The full integration with instant booking should be available by Q4 of 2020.

Reputation Management

Because trust is so important to customer's during the buying process, ServiceTitan is introducing Reputation Management throught Marketing Pro.

Reputation Management will ask for customer reviews from the same number as all other SMS messages. This keeps all automated messages in the same conversation. This also makes the review process much easier for customers as they only need to click a link to leave your business a review on Google and/or Facebook.

ServiceTitan is also working on allowing you to manage all of your online reviews (think Yelp, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, etc,) from one dashboard in Reputation Management.

According to ServiceTitan, all aspects of Reputation Management should be available by Q1 of 2021.

Direct Mail

Direct mail works, but only for some contractors. So, ServiceTIan has found a way to make direct mail work for all contractors. 

With ServiceTitan's new Direct Mail feature, they will optimize your direct mail process by filtering out address that are not a good fit and only sending mail to addresses that are most likely to buy your services.

Direct Mail will also analyze your customer base and build a look-alike audience to send mail to based on the customers that you are already succesfully selling to.

According to ServiceTitan, Direct Mail will be available in October of this year, with targeted audiences coming by the end of 2020 and lookalike audiences coming by phase 3 of 2021.



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