In our last article, we discussed implementing technology to improve your communications. Adding new technology can be a fairly easy and worthwhile process if ease-of-use and proper training is taken into consideration. What has become extremely difficult is the ability to secure and control the use of data and information collected within technology.

One of the most popular and current cyber attacks was on the cable giant HBO. The incident resulted in massive upheaval within the network when some of the scripts for several of their popular shows were leaked, along with some of their internal emails. They can be considered lucky, as no one has yet reported a sensitive data breach, unlike the 2013 Target data hack— where credit and debit card information was stolen. In May of this year, in fact, Target was forced to settle claims with 47 states and the District of Columbia for the sum of 18.5 million dollars for that one incident.


What is the lesson that you, as a business owner, need to take from these occurrences? If you are connected electronically in any way, your data are potentially at threat from being hacked or exposed.

We generally hear more about larger companies that are affected because they are more visible and the impact of their breaches has a greater effect. It is a problem, however, that all companies face. From a small company like Rokenbok Toys that employs seven people to large companies like the Russian oil and gas giant company Rosneft— all companies now carry the burden and responsibility to secure their data and information.

“No company is really off limits today,” Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

According to an article published on CNBC, one in three small businesses are not equipped to protect themselves from cyber attacks, even though roughly 50% of them have been affected by some type of security breach. Many smaller companies struggle with the ability to budget adequately for cyber security. If that is the case for you, or if you are simply a beginner in the digital world— here are 6 low cost basic solutions that will allow you to begin to secure your company's data and information:


1) Implement an employee policy for anyone handling data and information.

2) Ensure that all employees are aware of secure practices to keep your data and information safe.

3) Use a secure messaging platform to externally sent data and information.

4) Implement measures that consistently secure your server to protect your internal data and information.

5) Regularly save copies of your data and information.

6) Know how to respond if a hack occurs that compromises your data and information.


Being a part of a digitally connected society comes with great responsibility.  Keeping your data and information safe and secure is a responsibility that your business cannot afford to neglect. Following the six steps above is a good start to protecting your technological assets. As more resources become available and your business grows, data protection is certainly an area to seriously consider on which to expend more time and capital to avoid serious losses in the future.

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