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Here at Dexcomm we are always looking for better ways to meet your needs and provide service solutions to our customers. Beyond being able to answer the phone for you and your organization 24 hours a day with friendly professional staff, we offer a variety of services to connect you to anyone, anywhere anytime. SMS Broadcasting (mass text messaging) is one of our options that is an easy-to-use and effective communication tool to help you and your business do business.


Dexcomm can send SMS messages to an unlimited set of mobile numbers you provide to us. We can receive responses from those numbers and perform actions based on instructions you provide to us. We can also provide you with detailed reports on those actions and responses.

 SMS Broadcasting Service

What does this mean for you?


A hosted SMS Broadcasting service can aid in business continuity, customer outreach, and can keep you connected with your staff in times of emergency. Any time you have a single message you need to get to a targeted list of people quickly SMS Broadcasting can help.

Small businesses can use this feature to fill gaps in their work schedules. For example a manager can send a text message to one number stating, “Can anyone come in to work tonight from 4-9 PM?” Dexcomm’s broadcasting system will automate the delivery of that message to several numbers at once, and then send a report of the responses back to the manager.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our commitment to technological advancement in messaging and customized call handling sets us apart from our competitors. SMS Broadcasting is a natural extension our commitment to your business needs!

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