Our last HVAC blog gave you some tips regarding how to stay connected to your customers during your non-peak season. Much of this information related to personalized methods of reaching your clients such as sending out a thank you note or email, or a birthday card.

If you don’t yet have access to these client details, then the other options to reaching out to your customers to make them feel connected is via social media.

Not only can social media help you to stay connected to your customers, but when they like what you share, it can easily spread your name to other potential customers. We wanted to give you a few dos and don’ts regarding this endeavor that we have picked up from both educational and personal experience.

Ways To Grow Your Social Media


1) Do Know Where Your Audience Is

If most of your clients have a Facebook page, then Facebook is where you want to be. Doing some basic research to determine where your clients and potential clients get their daily dose of digital interaction can help direct you to the healthiest site upon which to build your social empire.

2) Do Engage and Participate

Most people’s biggest mistake when they decide to try and reach their clients via social media is that they don’t engage or participate with their followers. The point of being on social media is to be social. Therefore, it will require some action on your part to make it a successful endeavor.

You can engage by responding to comments on your photos, and replying to direct messages. You can also like the posts of your followers, and like comments.

3) Do Have a Plan

Just like with anything else that will require you to utilize your resources, you need to have a plan. Create a plan that will direct how and when you will be engaging with your followers on social media.

Most sites have analytics that will tell you when the best time to post is, and what content gets the most interaction from your followers.


Practices That Will Hurt Your Social Media

1) Don’t Have Too Many Accounts

A rookie mistake is opening accounts on too many sites. Try to curb your enthusiasm when you embark on this venture.

You can’t possibly be all things to all people in all places, unless you have billions like Jeff Bezos, who has a whole crew of people devoted to running all of his social media sites. Start small and work up as quickly as time and resources allow.

2) Don’t Forget the Time Element

It will technically cost you nothing to open a link between you and your clients via social media; however, it will cost you time. As most business owners like yourself might agree, time is just as valuable as money.

It is important that you keep in mind that social media efforts are considered a long-term strategy that will require plenty of effort to make them successful.

3) Don’t Blast Followers With Ads

Most of us have encountered this social media scenario. Someone that we know or love asks us to follow a business page that they have started, and we oblige them, because what kind of person would we be if we didn’t. Shortly thereafter, they begin inundating us with “ads” without as much as a hello, how are you doing today. While we might tolerate our friends and family doing this to us, we generally won’t tolerate it from anyone else.

A better way to engage your clients on social media is to limit your “sales” posts and to focus more on engagement. If they are seeing your name pop up, then you are essentially already advertising to them. What you don’t want to happen is to have them stop following or block you because they are annoyed, so tread lightly where your promotional content is concerned.

Key Points

By utilizing social media, your HVAC company can stay connected to your clients, and amass a following of future users no matter what type of seasonal variations you face.

By making sure that you understand where your audience/customers are participating on social media, engaging with them, and having a game plan for how you are going to do that— you can continuously reach out to your customers year round.

In addition, if you remember that opening too many pages that you can’t manage will be counterproductive, that running a social media page will require your time, and that you need to limit ad like material; it can be a successful endeavor for your company.

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