Previously on this blog, we have spoken a lot about communication and the best ways to go about it. When it comes to certain situations, though, there isn't one right way to communicate. So much is translated in your body language, your word choice, and even your tone.  This can make communication tricky to nail down. This is especially true for funeral homes and funeral home directors. Perhaps the best way to communicate on behalf of a funeral home is to keep being compassionate and empathetic.


The funeral home industry is unique in that it serves people at a very fragile moment of their lives. When someone has just lost someone close to them, they really deserve the utmost care and attention to detail. When working in a funeral home, your client and their needs always come first. One of the best ways to indicate this is by staying compassionate when you communicate. Some of the best ways to do this are:

  • Listen

Keeping your eyes and ears open can seem like an easy task but it can be difficult for some people. In order to really listen to someone, you need to give them your undivided attention. By really listening, you can make the person you are speaking with feel like what they are saying is important to you and worth your time. Someone telling you what they need or want should never be a burden for them. By listening attentively, you can put people at ease with the knowledge that their concerns matter to you and your funeral home.

  • Never assume

You know how the saying goes; it’s best to avoid making assumptions about what someone thinks, feels, or wants. Assuming something about someone can start conflict, and will make someone feel like they’re not genuinely being heard. If you are having trouble understanding what they mean about a certain subject, it is always best to ask for clarification rather than make an assumption of what you think they may mean.

  • Don’t rush them

This goes along with listening and not assuming. Making sure that you stay at their pace and not making them feel rushed is very important. By rushing them, you make a person feel as if they and what they are saying is unimportant. So by keeping things set to their pace, you can keep the communication between the two of you open and positive.

Communication is a huge part of our everyday life. It is how we navigate through the world. So for funeral directors, keeping appropriate, empathetic, and compassionate communication is one of the keys to success. Keep these three things in mind next time you’re speaking with someone.

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