Good customer service training is vital for any key position that has contact with your patients and clients; this includes the person handling your business's phone calls. Understanding what your caller's expectations are when they call your office is a major component to fulfilling a positive customer service experience. So our Experts at Dexcomm have developed a list of what your business's callers are looking for when they dial your number:

  • Listen to me
  • Know more than I do (about your product or service)
  • Be easy to work withGreat customer service by Velma
  • Give me what I came for
  • Smile
  • Tell me your name
  • Acknowledge my presence
  • Don't treat me like an interruption
  • Show me you care
  • Don't waste my time
  • Be honest
  • Offer alternatives if you don't have what I want
  • Don't try to sell me just help me
  • Do what you say you're going to do
  • Keep me informed


After reviewing this list, talk to your staff about keeping these items top-of-mind. What tools can you develop together that will be positive reminders for improving the customer service experience of your callers?

How to Improve Your's Office Communication through Better Messaging

If you need some help getting started, click here to access Dexcomm's Telephone Techniques – Improve Your Office's Communication through Better Messaging which has several training tools to help! Or @sk our Experts.

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