The technological world is constantly growing and expanding every day. Compared to only five years ago, the amount that our society is grown is exponential. The young adults that are graduating college have grown up in the midst of acceleration of technology and its uses. As new adults enter the job force bursting with potential, that also means that the way we conduct business as a society will slowly begin to morph once again. While it was once unheardof to do business in anyway but in person, many people not utilize their email and cell phones to get things done. Changes are already happening and these changes could actually end up proving to be beneficial for your business.

One of the recent phenomena that technology has brought is the social media boom. These days, you can find almost everyone you know on at least one social media website. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. There are so many and they all serve different purposes. By finding which social media website fits your business the most can help your business to connect with others in your industry as well as current customers. Businesses are beginning to gain a unique voice through social media which brings them closer to customers.

Last year in May, a customer (Carter Wilkerson) tweeted to the fast food chain Wendy’s asking what it would take for him to get free chicken nuggets.


Wendy's replied that if his tweet got 18 million retweets, he would get them.

Not only did Wilkerson get all of those 18 million retweets, he went viral online, and, of course, Wendy’s gifted him free chicken nuggets for a whole year. This is an instance where a business was able to use their social media to grow their public awareness as well as bring more likability to their brand. This is just one of the ways that social media proves to be a great tool for businesses to utilize.

By finding the social media website that fits your business the best, you could end up with something going viral. It is at least worth a try. If you’re a business owner and you’re not currently on social media with your business, it might be time to get online!

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