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How you choose your partners and who those partners are can reflect on who your business is and wants to be.

That is why you probably put a great deal of thought into whether or not you want to partner with another business, or if you’d rather pass on them and find another.

Our professional relationships are not that different from our personal ones—everyone wants to be around people who are like-minded and have similar goals. Not only is this true for your professional relationships, but it also holds true for the connections and partnerships that your business as a whole makes. Perhaps one of the best ways to know if your business matches well with another is to compare and contrast the core values of your business against the one you’re considering beginning a partnership with.

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken a lot about why core values matter for you and your business. Our core values are what guide us to behave the way we do.

Some of Dexcomm’s core values include:

  • compassion
  • concern for others
  • personal growth
We believe that it is incredibly important to work with others who share our same core values. We also believe this to be true to those that we partner with.


It is only natural to want to partner with and surround yourself with people and businesses with similar core values. These core values help communicate to others who you are as a business.

Why would you want to associate with another business that is communicating the opposite message? When you’re looking to partner with others in the future, make sure to consider their core values.

To read more about core values, check out this blog about adding empathy to the workplace.

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