Before you put in an application for a position, make sure you have not made any of the following common mistakes. Making these mistakes can have a negative impact on your chance of being hired after the interview process.

  1. Misspellings or grammatical errors: Most Human Resources (HR) representatives like to communicate by email. When you submit your application for a position or send an email to a HR representative, make sure you’re using a spelling and grammar check tool. You can also have a family member or friend review your application before you submit it. Here are some commonly misspelled words:

  1. Arriving late for an interview: Arriving late for interviews makes HR representatives wonder if you can be on time for a scheduled shift. Whenever you are scheduled for an interview, arrive at least 15 minutes early. If you are unsure of how long it may take you get to the office location, take a test drive the day before to get an idea of how much time you should give yourself on the day of the interview. In a pinch use the internet to give you directions and your estimated time of arrival. Here are some great tools that give you an estimated time of arrival:
  1. Not being prepared:
    HR representatives like to know that you understand something about their company. Look up their company core values, who their customers are, what kind of business they are in or the company’s history. Having questions ready shows you’ve done the research and you are truly interested in working for them.
    Give real-life examples to go along with your answers proves you can do the tasks asked of you
    If the application requires references, provide at least one supervisor from a previous position with a valid phone number or email address
  1. Lack of Professionalism:
    Whenever a HR representative speaks with you over the phone go to a quiet room so there is no background noise, speak clearly and loud enough to be heard.
    Ring back tones or a song that plays during your voicemail does not leave an impression you are professional.
    Do not bring other people, including children, with you to the interview.
    Dress professional. Do not wear jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, low-cut shirts, tennis shoes or multiple piercings.  Here are some examples of professional and not professional dress for men and women.
  1. Applying for a position more than once:
    Reapplying for the same position multiple times in the same day will not increase your chances of getting hired. If you are unsure if someone has received your application, send an email to the HR representative to confirm.
  1. Constantly calling to check in on status of your application:
    The HR department can be extremely busy and constantly checking in on the status of your application. Repeatedly calling may show that you are desperate and pushy not diligent or determined. HR representatives understand it’s tough times. Following up once a week will keep your application in minds of the HR representatives. And will keep you top of mind.
  1. Providing unprofessional emails and/or telephone numbers that are invalid: Provide a form of a communication you will check daily. You don’t want to miss an opportunity for another interview or further instructions. Since HR representatives communicate with applicants by email, a professional email is strongly suggested. For example, emails that contain “hot”, “sexy”, “crazy”, or “gurl” (to name a few) are considered unprofessional. Your first name, last name, or a combination of the two would be an appropriate email address. Here’s a few websites where you can set up a free email address:
  1. No Call/No Show for your interview:
    Not showing up and not calling to reschedule your interview causes frustration. When you agree to an appointment, keep it!  HR representatives understand emergencies happen and would rather you call to reschedule your interview than not show up at all.
  1. Arriving to the interview without proper hygiene:
    You may be sitting in close proximity to the person who is interviewing you, so make sure you’ve done everything to put your best foot forward.
  2. Not following instructions:
    Listening is an important skill to have. Listen carefully to the HR representative’s instructions. If you are unsure of anything, make sure you ask questions.

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