Audio tapeWe've all had the experience of dealing with the overwhelming volume of  voicemails.  Managing the information can be just as challenging as deciphering the caller’s wants and needs.  But don’t worry, because our Dexcomm expert has put together a few tips for you to get the most out of your patient voicemail.



Your voicemail greeting should include basic information like your hours of operation and location.  Many callers will call back at that time when your office is more equipped to handle the call. You may even state that all billing or appointment calls need to be made back during office hours. This is a perfect time to state any special policies.  Let the caller know what they can expect during office hours as well as options that are available after hours.



Your voicemail system should be able to be customized on short notice. For example, the office may be closed due to a holiday or emergency.  Ease of setup and change is vital to being able to customize and streamline calls on an as needed basis.


Manage and Direct

Determine the caller’s needs by asking them to select an option from a predetermined menu.  For example, “If you have a question about billing, press 1.  If you’d like to schedule an appointment, press 2.  If this is a medical emergency, press 0 for an operator.”  Ask the caller for needed information like name, client ID and phone number.    By organizing and prioritizing your calls/messages you will streamline the process and save time and money.



Once you've identified the information needed in your greeting, create a voicemail script to help you effectively guide and communicate. Make adjustments as needed, but beware of sounding like a robot.  The message should be informative but also personable.


Click Here for a free voicemail template for your medical practice.


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Click Here for a free voicemail template for your business office.

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