There is no doubt that things are changing rapidly when it comes to technology, however,  when it comes to customer service - the human touch still outweighs any other options available. As a matter of fact, according to a recent Calabrio report, 74 percent of customers are more loyal to a company if they can speak with a human being. Your automation and voicemails may save time, but they could be causing more harm in the long run.

You may call it old fashioned if you will, but people still love to hear a human voice when they pick up the phone. Our client Mark, who has worked in the real estate industry for 30+ years has plenty to say about it and us, in this article:  

some in baton rouge still doing business old school

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Learn more about how the human touch is still imporatant to customers and consumers, even in an automated world in our blog, "Voicemail vs. Live Answering: The Importance of Personal Communication".

While it’s true your customers and patients have increasingly more convenient ways to get in touch with your business (email, social media, website), making a human connection via telephone is still the preferred method. We’ve seen proof of this with clients who find that their customers are more satisfied with a live interaction than a cold voicemail message. 

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