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If your business is considering a partnership with a telephone answering service, you may be debating between going with a local answering service company or a national answering service company. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and this blog can help you and your team determine which choice is best for your company and most importantly, your customers.

Benefits of a Local Answering Service

When doing business, most people like to work within their own neighborhoods. Working with a local answering service provide the following advantages:

  • Spend money within your own community.
  • Provide in-person training to your customer service representatives who will be answering your calls.
  • Visit your answering service in person. You'll also be able to take a tour of the facilities and see if their work atmosphere and core values align with your company.
  • Have the confidence that call agents will be familiar with your community. When a caller says they live on Feu Follet Road, your agent will be able to say it and spell it correctly without seeming unfamiliar with the area.

    Disadvantages of a Local Answering Service

While the familiarity with local neighborhoods and convenice of such a close location may be appealing to small business owners, there are some major limitations to consider when choosing a local telephone answering service (TAS) to represent your company.

  • Limited Industry Expertise: A local answering service will most likely have limited industry expertise. If you run an HVAC, plumbing, electrical, medical funeral, or oil & gas company, industry expertise may be a necessity for your after hours answering service.

The reason that local answering companies can't always provide the needed industry expertise is due to a lack of clients in that particular industry. For example, if a local answering service only has one HVAC client, the company and its agents will not spend enough time working with the HVAC client to gain familiarity and evenutally expertise in the industry. 

This will become apparent with your callers when an agent is unfamiliar with certain industry terms, which could make your business seem less reliable. Remember, your live call agents are often the first impression a caller will have of your company!

  • Cost: The cost of your telephone answering service will vary for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for pricing fluctuations is due to the location of your provider. If a local provider is located in a city with a higher cost of living, their prices will most likely be higher in order for them to pay employees a decent wage. 

    Another reason for differences in pricing is quality. Premium answering services will generally cost more than commodity answering services. A premium answering service will stay on a call longer to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability (Power Outages): The reliablity of your answering service should be an additional top priority when comparing answering service providers. Natural disasters, weather emergencies, and other major events can often result in power outages and office closures. If a natural disaster or weather emergency happens in your local area, your local call center will most likely be overwhelmed with increased call traffic. If a disaster reaches a certain level they may be without power themselves, which means that your calls will not be answered! 
  • Limited Software Expertise: Much like limited industry expertise, your local answering service can only have the expertise that your community allows. If they don't work with a number of customers who use certain software or CRMs, they won't have the familiarity or know-how to handle your business.

    The Importance of US-Based Call Agents

    When considering an answering service to represent your company, you should always ask if the TAS employes US-based customer service representatives. US-based representatives will most likely provide a better quality of call to your callers and customers and eliminate any confusion with unfamiliar accents.

Benefits of a National Answering Service

Key Points

Essentially, whether you choose to partner with a local answering service that's just a few miles from your own location or a national answering service that is in a completely different region of the country, only one thing is of ultimate importance: their quality.

Your answering service partner should be answering your calls promptly, professionally, and with compassion. When taking messages, they should be accurate and thorough. Above all, they should compliment your company by aligning with your core values and pleasing your callers.

  • I'm on the fence about a new answering service partner!

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