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In an effort to decrease contact due to COVID-19, many businesses are transitioning to allow employees to work from home (WFH). Here at Dexcomm, we have used remote working for nearly 10 years, and as a result, have several tips and strategies to effectively manage remote employees for the continued success of your business during this current situation. We also will include tips for employees who are new to working from home.

Tips For Employers Managing Remote & WFH Employees

With the sudden and mostly unexpected move to working from home, it is important that employers are able to still effectively manage employees. 

1. Set Clear Expectations: No matter your business, customer service remains a priority during these uncertain times. Be sure to set clear expectations for your employees to help them better understand how to handle customers. If your employees will be speaking with customers over the phone, give them these tips on how to effectively communicate to improve customer service.

2. Create a Remote Working Policy: Employees working from home will have a very different mindset than those still coming into the workplace. Setting a clear remote work policy in place will explain the expectations that your business has, and also create the infrastructure to support your employees as they transition to working from home.

3. Keep Lines of Communication Open: Employees won’t be able to pop into your office and ask you a question that they may have when working from home. With this in mind, keep all lines of communication open between you and your employees. Check emails often, and provide helpful insight to questions that employees will have.

4. Do Regular Check-ins: Checking in with your employees at the start and end of each day can help ease any issues with remote working. This gives your employees a chance to ask questions, and allows you to better understand their time management.

5.Use Video & Phone Calls: While email and chats will prove helpful while communicating with remote employees, there is still a slight disconnect due to the lack of nonverbal communication. Periodically engage with your employees with video chat platforms such as: Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts

Tips for Anyone New to the Work From Home Lifestyle

1. Stick to Your Usual Morning Routine: When working from home, it may seem like the best thing to do is roll out of bed and hop online. Resist this urge and instead carry out your usual morning routine. Getting dressed in your usual work attire can put you in a work mindset and help you feel ready to start your day. Struggling to manage your workday? Learn how to here.

2. Schedule Breaks: Scheduling breaks throughout your workday will actually increase productivity. Whenever you skip breaks or forget to take them, you lose focus and concentration. Studies show that people can’t focus for a full eight-hour shift, and reality have an ability to remain focused on a task for 1 hour and 53 minutes. With this in mind, it is a good idea to schedule breaks every 2 hours to remain productive.  

3. Set Clear Boundaries With Friends and Families: Your biggest distraction when working from home won’t be your phone or Netflix. It will be your family and friends. Even though you are “available” since you are at home, you do still have to focus on your work. Be sure to sit down with friends and family and explain your working hours to them. This will help prevent interruptions and allow you to say focused and productive.

4. Create a Designated Working Space: Sitting on the couch with your laptop will not prove beneficial when working from home!  Not only will you be surrounded by distractions, but you will also become victim to back and neck pain if you aren’t using correct posture while working. Choose an area that is relaxing and also free from distractions. When setting up your office space, be sure to make sure your area is ergonomic. how to ergonomically set up your office space

5. Keep in Contact With Coworkers & Employer: With no face to face interactions, working from home can easily become confusing or cause a lack of productivity. Be sure to keep in contact with coworkers and employers daily in order to best understand your tasks, the company’s priorities, and ask questions.

Key Points

Making the transition to working from home can be difficult, but by following these tips as employers and employees, this uncertain situation should go about a bit smoother. Be sure to also provide your customers with excellent customer service throughout these times. 


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