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The fast rate at which technology is evolving in our world is outstanding. There are many careers and fields that are benefiting from this rapid technological evolution. But there are some fields that still require the personal touch of a face-to-face interaction.

The medical field is one of many that needs this interpersonal interaction. This logic also applies to the answering service that you may choose for your medical office.

An answering service with live operators are able to provide a sense of comfort to callers simply because they are not a machine operator. There are many benefits of live answering for medical office, but there are two in particular we’d like to discuss in this blog: the human aspect and sensitive information (HIPAA).

The Human Aspect

Live Call Agent

Unlike a machine operator, live answering is able to provide a human aspect to your callers.

Instead of interacting with a machine and pressing buttons to relay the problem your caller is trying to communicate, a live operator is able to talk back and forth with a caller. They are able to empathize and provide support for them.

When a patient is calling your medical office because of something that may be an emergency, a live operator will be able to react accordingly while a machine is only able to react in one way.

At Dexcomm, we realize how important an operator’s tone of voice can be to the caller. While live answering can provide the appropriate tone for different callers, a machine will always sound automated.

I need a HIPAA compliant answering service!

Sensitive Information-HIPAA

When you’re working in a medical office, you have a lot of sensitive and private information regarding your patients.

Many patients that are calling in could be hesitant to share their private information over the phone with an automated machine.

But when you have a live operator answering those calls, patients can be more at ease knowing that their private and sensitive information is in the hands of an individual. A HIPAA-trained operator will be best at handling the information of your callers.

When you’re in the business of helping people, your patients are incredibly important. Live answering is the best option for your patients who are calling in. Dexcomm provides live answering 24/7 with HIPAA trained operators who know how important it is to communicate empathetically with all callers.


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