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Funeral Home Directors Improve Overnight Call Handling With Dexcomm

May 15, 2018


Joyce Grant watched her family fun their funeral home business over the years. However, she was admittedly never involved in the operations of it. When she retired, an opportunity came along for both she and her husband Mark to purchase and run a funeral home of their own. Seeing that this would provide her with a way to use her desire to help others along with honoring her family’s commitment to serve and make a difference in the community, they took the leap of faith into funeral home ownership.


As many other owners and directors of funeral homes can attest to—maintaining the phones overnight became a daunting task. Joyce states that, “We got tired of the 3 a.m. calls and forgetting to forward our funeral home number to our house or cell phone.” They began thinking that handing over the calls to an answering service after-hours could help them to worry less about missing crucial calls which could cost them money if they missed them.


When looking for an answering solution, because they “choose relationships over profits,” the Grants’ number one criteria was selecting a company who could “be polite to families who call in.” Their number two priority was finding a company whose representatives could act as an extension of them in their stead.

The Grants’ decided to partner with Dexcomm because they were confident that we would be an ideal match for their company. Joyce states that “Mark has had the chance to visit Dexcomm and see it operate from the inside. It is professional, efficient, and state-of-the-art. “


During the on boarding process Joyce states that Jamey Hopper, owner of Dexcomm, “Made it simple,” and that they were taken through the process and insure that everything was going to be smooth, and that “It was and still is.”


As far as their satisfaction with service, they credit Dexcomm for getting to “sleep through the night,” and they see Dexcomm as a “vital part of their success.” How? “No more forwarding calls and then worrying that we forgot to. No longer do we have to get up in the wee hours of the morning and then call our associate to go meet with the family; Dexcomm does it for us!”

The Grants’ want other companies to know that “Dexcomm comes highly recommended and if anyone wants to hear testimony on what a great company it is, we will be glad to talk to them.” How do they feel about their partnership with Dexcomm? “We plan on continuing this relationship forever!”

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