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Answering and communication company, happily serving customers since 1954. Even though we have gone through many technological and procedural changes throughout the years; we continue to strive to become considered a valued "family" member or our customers; this is what makes Dexcomm unique.

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HIPAA violations at your fingertips

HIPAA violations at your fingertips

The amount of Protected Health Information (PHI) that could be on your employee’s phone is staggering. Access to the protected information can be as...

April 03, 2012 Read More
E-Prescribing: it can save you money
November 24, 2011 Read More
Can smart phones actually help people?
November 02, 2011 Read More
3 Examples of Bio-medical Monitoring with smart phones
October 04, 2011 Read More
iPads, Smart Phones, and HIPAA

iPads, Smart Phones, and HIPAA

Marianne K. McGee over at put out a rather informative article  detailing the problems that HIPAA requirements pose for IT...

September 20, 2011 Read More
Visualizing Medical Data

Visualizing Medical Data

The ability of modern medicine to cull information about the human body is simply stunning. In fact, the explosion over the past twenty years in our...

September 15, 2011 Read More

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