Hello—Dexcomm employee here! I’m Kennedy, and I’ve worked as Dexcomm’s content creator since December 2021. In pursuit of some new plans, I unfortunately will be leaving Dexcomm at the end of this month. Despite, after working forty hours a week in-house for ten months, I figured my insight to this establishment might be of value to anyone considering using Dexcomm as an answering service or pondering the idea of working here. I’m writing this blog to outline my experience with this company, as well as to shed some light on their innermost values and priorities.




Dexcomm thrives on building strong interpersonal relationships.

Dexcomm genuinely wants to know all about everyone who comes to them, whether you come as a potential customer or a potential employee. They know—and I have seen it to be true— that the more they know and understand you, the better they’ll be able to serve you. Transparency about your needs with this company will make a world of a difference with the experience you have with them. They are more than willing to do everything in their power to best work for your business if you are willing to share with them your expectations, values, and long-term growth goals. On a separate note, from an employee perspective, the better they know you, the better they will be able to tell if you will enjoy your work here at Dexcomm and thrive as an employee.




Dexcomm genuinely cares about their customers.

Dexcomm is an answering service that has been experiencing exponential growth since 1954. That being said, it’s a super busy building to work in. Despite the calls this place takes on a 24/7 basis and despite the ceaseless technology updates, the staff makes it a point to meet over, and thoroughly discuss, each and every single new account that decides to partner with them. I have seen the meetings that take place between the sales and programming teams, as sales conveys customers’ wants and programming discusses how to best make that happen. I have witnessed the way our trainer, Ms. Kindal Duffy, arranges classes for accounts that require additional training. All of this to say, they aren’t just getting to know you for fun and fellowship—they want to contribute to the progression of your business in the long run. Every, every, every account matters to them—no exceptions.




Dexcomm’s training department is phenomenal.

To really dive into a point made in the last paragraph: the training department here at Dexcomm is no joke. I can’t speak for everyone’s experiences, but most jobs I’ve held in the past have about a week or two-week-long training period, and then boom you’re expected to thrive on the clock. At Dexcomm, there is a dedicated space for educating and training new agents, and they understand that that learning process is unique to everyone. Agents train at their own pace, and they don’t answer for your business until Dexcomm’s certain they can do so with ease.

And it’s not just new agents that require training; agents return to training for newer, more complex accounts and also to “level up” (moving up from simple message-taking accounts, to home service accounts, to medical accounts, etc). Growth and learning as an employee at Dexcomm are perpetual processes for everyone—account managers, leaders, and programmers included.


training dept


Dexcomm has a foundation of compassion and concern for others.

When prospective employees go through the hiring process at Dexcomm, Dexcomm screens applicants for how much compassion they naturally have in their personalities (even the content creator— speaking from experience). They want compassionate, concerned agents taking care of your callers, as well as compassionate and concerned account managers, leaders, and representatives. This is not only to ensure that they provide you with excellent customer service, but also to ensure that each exchange among their employees originates from a place of empathy and respect. The phrase that floats around the office is “CPC for the CCC,” meaning “compassionate, professional concern for callers, customers, and coworkers.” And they don’t say it just to say it—it’s certainly emphasized in the office and all their processes.


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Dexcomm’s sales department is more concerned with helping you than selling a service to you.

I work in an office with Karl Schott and Jed Antoun, a leader in business development and the head of sales and marketing (respectively). These are two guys that really put in the work to understand your needs and seek to figure out which of Dexcomm’s solutions would best fit your business. I have seen them put their heads together, trying to find creative resolutions to difficult problems. I have also seen them tell customers, “Hey, this won’t work well for your business. Let’s find an option that will.” They aren’t so much concerned with selling you a service as they are wishing to see you succeed.


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Dexcomm is more than an answering service.

Sure, Dexcomm takes your company’s calls and delivers your messages. They’ve even got the bells and whistles to integrate with your instance of ServiceTitan, and they can customize your script down to the tiniest detail. That’s awesome. That’s great. However, they are a lot more than that. They are some of your callers’ friends, as your returning clients are familiar with some of Dexcomm’s agents. They are researchers who want to thoroughly understand your business and your industry. They are an extension of your business that takes your company’s growth goals as seriously as they do their own. They are a team that stands unified by clear and smart communication—between themselves, their customers, and your callers.





When I started at Dexcomm, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. Sure, I knew I’d be writing blog posts and piecing together social media calendars, but I didn’t know about the heart of this company or how much of a blessing it would be to work here. There is a sincerity and honesty in the way every employee conducts their work. There is a story to every room. Maybe I’m biased, but I think everyone who has the pleasure of being employed by this business or using this answering service has stumbled across a really great opportunity to personally or professionally grow.




Dexcomm is a Louisiana-based corporation that provides answering services to businesses and service agencies across the United States. We have been open since 1954, employ a staff of roughly 80 people, and our average client retention rate is 10+ years.

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